Web Service - Events

A web service to retrieve event information in either SeisComP XML (similar to QuakeML) or as plain summary (row based) can be found here. Alternatively an event browser is available.

The gzip flag can be used to transfer the content compressed with gzip which is done automatically if the client reports (x-)gzip support through Accept-Encoding (not yet for txt format).

includelistSpecify whether to include pick/arrival/magnitude information or not. Valid values are: all, picks, arrs, amps, stamags, nonpref. Default is an empty list which retrieves only the preferred magnitude and origin without arrivals.
Event attributes
idstringSpecify the event id, example id=gfz2011ocqa.
If id is not given the result is plain text table where each row represents an event.
Row format: timestamp;otime;mag;mag_t;lat;lon;depth;phases;agency;status;type;region
minmagfloatSpecify the minimum magnitude.
maxmagfloatSpecify the maximum magnitude.
mag_tstringType of event magnitude.
mindepthfloatSpecify the minimum depth.
maxdepthfloatSpecify the maximum depth.
Rectangular bounding area
minlatdegreesSpecify minimum latitude, southern boundary [-90 <= X <= 90].
maxlatdegreesSpecify maximum latitude, northern boundary [-90 <= X <= 90].
minlondegreesSpecify minimum longitude , western boundary [-180 <= X <= 180].
maxlondegreesSpecify maximum longitude , eastern boundary [-180 <= X <= 180].
minphasescountSpecify minimum phases used in origin solution.
maxphasescountSpecify maximum phases used in origin solution.
Time queries
startdateSelect events with origin time after this date, format = %Y-%m-%d[T%H:%M:%S].
enddateSelect events with origin time before this date, format = %Y-%m-%d[T%H:%M:%S].
updatedbeforedateSelect events updated before this date, format = %Y-%m-%d[T%H:%M:%S].
updatedafterdateSelect events updated after this date, format = %Y-%m-%d[T%H:%M:%S].
Miscellaneous attributes
agencystringAgency creating the origin.
statusstringEvaluation status of the origin.
typestringEvent type, e.g. 'earthquake', 'not existing'.
regionstringEvent region.
sortstringResult set order. Use time for ascending and -time for descending origin time order.
limitintegerLimits the result set. A value > 0 is required.
offsetintegerOffset within the resultset. '0' denotes the first item.
gzipForce gzip compression.
downloadAdds the filename {eventid}.xml[.gz] to the HTTP response header. The browsers accepted encoding is then ignored and the result is only compressed if the gzip flag is passed as well.